Art at Lunch

Wednesday, 20 September
and 18 October, 12 - 12.30 am

Short guided tours for those with an appetite for art

What to do

Saturday 14 October, 1 - 6 pm

A hands-on day on privacy, security and participation to the digital world. (Workshops and talk in in German, but English-Speakers welcome).

1.30 – 3.30 pm

Electromagnetic Walk and Digital Detox with artist and Critical Engineer Gordan Savičić:

Travel through the electromagnetic spectrum in and around Kunsthaus - up to airplane's signals, with the help of hacked USB-TV-Sticks. Followed by Digital Detox. 

1 – 6 pm
Short intro at 1 and 3.30 pm, drop-in any time

«Who writes his_tory?» Edit-a-thon

for Wikipedia-experts and beginners, with a focus on articles on female artists and scientis, with Daniela Brugger and Wikimedia Switzerland.

4 – 6 pm


Workshop on encryption and the protection of privacy in everyday life, with Paul Feigelfeld.

6.30 pm

«Deep Shit. Paradigms, Paranoia and Politics of Machine-Intelligence.»

Talk by Paul Feigelfeld, media scholar and cryptography activist.
Followed by book launch and bar.

Wifi, food and plugs provided. Please bring your own computer. Participation is free, please sign up (mention language preference):