13 February – 13 April 2014

Bertold Stallmach. Der Ziele sind gar viele
Muriel Baumgartner. Hinterzimmer der Behaglichkeit

The animation videos and installations by Bertold Stallmach (*1984, lives in Zurich and Berlin) deal with issues of social interaction such as power and powerlessness or the collective and the individual. In Bertold Stallmach's world strange things happen as a matter of course. Decisions are delegated to a mole, someone replaces his face before visiting the psychiatrist, rats attack the unfortunates as the embodiment of misery. His videos are made in laborious work processes in elaborate model architectures. For the exhibition, Stallmach has developped an extensive new group of sculptural work and video.

Webpage Bertold Stallmach

Time, memory and retrospection on the one hand, their decay and absence on the other hand, are recurring themes in the work of Muriel Baumgartner (* 1976, lives in Zurich). She creates subtle installative interventions with a fine sense for locations, their atmosphere and history. They often exude melancholy despite their absurd and humorous aspects. Muriel Baumgartner responds to the homely atmosphere of the Kunsthaus rooms with a series of new works. Uncanny, unpleasant elements break through the comfort and perhaps even provide a shudder.

Webpage Muriel Baumgartner

There will be a monographic publication to both exhibitions with images from the exhibitions and texts in German and English.


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Wednesday, 12 February, 7 pm


Introduction: Raffael Dörig, director Kunsthaus Langenthal, and Eveline Suter, curator of Muriel Baumgartner's exhibiton, followed by drinks

Friday, 14 March, 6.30 pm; Bar open from 6 pm

Art Bar

Presentation of the new publi­cations and tour and talk with the artist Muriel Baumgartner

Friday, 28 February, 7 pm

Art Dinner

Guided tour, followed by an elaborate 3-course dinner at the Restaurant à la cArte.

Admission CHF 58.– (exkl. drinks), for Friends of the Kunsthaus CHF 48.–, for registration 062 923 61 00

Sunday, 02 and 23 March,
11 am

Guided Tours

Wednesday, 26 February and 09 April, 12–12.30 am

Art at Lunch

Sunday, 16 February, 16 and 30 March, 11 am

Literary Tours

The actress Michaela Wendt reads various texts (short stories, poems, aphorisms) specially selected by her on the basis of the artworks.

Saturday, 22 March, 10 –11.30 am

Children's Club: to dangle on a string

For children at the age of
7 to 12

Saturday, 22 March, 2-4.30 pm

Make trick films with your mobile!

Workshop for adolescents aged between 12 and 16 years. Please bring your mobile with camera (it must not be a smart­phone)

Sunday, 30 March, 11–12.30 am

Children's Workshop: histories of hands

For children at the age of 7 to 12

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