08 – 12 July 2015
Diploma exhibition Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts

Nicolle Bussien, Salome Gilgen, Laura Grubenmann, Géraldine Honauer, Andreas Kalbermatter, Marc Lauber, Selina Lutz, Philip Ortelli, Girogia Piffaretti, Fiona Rafferty, Mia Sanchez, Joana Carla Schertenleib, Flurina Sokoll, Numa Sutter, Hannes Zulauf, Farzaneh Yaghoubinia

The diploma exhibition of the art class of the University of Arts Berne shows once again the youngest generation of artists at the Kunsthaus Langenthal.


Tuesday, 07 July, 6 pm


Welcome by Raffael Dörig, Leiter Kunsthaus Langenthal, introduction by Anselm Stalder, Studiengangsleiter and Professor HKB

Opening hours

Wednesday and Thursday
2–5 pm
Friday 2–7 pm
Saturday and Sunday
10 am –5 pm