06 – 10 July 2016
POST WARM POSITIV - Diploma exhibition Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts

Olivia Abächerli, Miro Aron, Livio Casanova, Clélia Dumas, Remy Erismann, Maya Hottarek, Yvonne Lanz, Maude Queloz, Nina Líška Rieben, Juliette Rosset, Eva Streit

The diploma exhibition presents the work of 11 artists, who conclude their Bachelor studies in Fine Arts at HKB with the exhibition at Kunsthaus Langenthal. 

Leaving the school-context and going public in a exhibition space is a decisive step at the end of the studies. The exhibition title expresses the confidence for the coming future. While the works are very diverse, they reflect the common discussions led during the past three years. 

A critical public will be the artist's counterpart from now on, in an open discussion on the diversity of their interest. 

Tuesday, 07 July, 6 pm


Welcome by Raffael Dörig, Leiter Kunsthaus Langenthal, introduction by Anselm Stalder, Studiengangsleiter and Professor HKB

Opening hours

Wednesday and Thursday
2–5 pm
Friday 2–7 pm
Saturday and Sunday
10 am –5 pm