1 September – 13 November 2016

Rut Himmelsbach
See What's What

Celia & Nathalie Sidler
Der Taumel auf der Promenade

In fall 2016, for the first time in many years, Rut Himmelsbach's work (*1950 in Zug, lives in Basel and Guatemala) will be shown in a comprehensive overview at Kunsthaus Langenthal. After gaining broad recognition in the 1980s, when she participated in all important group exhibitions on young Swiss art, her work has rarely been shown in the past few years, even less outside of Basel.
Kunsthaus Langenthal invited her for her first institutional solo exhibition in over 12 years, which comprehends both works from all periods as well as new pieces. In the combination of images, material and objects she creates new meanings and poetic force. While her work has an immediate appeal it never loses its complexity and ambiguity. Rut Himmelsbach's work is witty. It is humorous, but in an earnest way. Next to her photographic practise, consisting of associative photo series, she also works with a wide array of materials, often in unusual combinations. In these compositions, photography and painting are often combined. For the exhibition she will create a new group of works, which also link to Himmelsbach's personal and artistic biography, pursuing her interest in textiles and garments.

In parallel, Kunsthaus Langenthal will present the first institutional solo exhibition of Celia & Nathalie Sidler (*1983 in Sarnen, live and work in Basel). The twins have been working together since 2013. On the second floor of the Kunsthaus as well as in its surroundings, they will develop site-specific work and develop new projects. For their installations, they not only appropriate non-artistic material, but their aesthetics in general is reminiscent of the polished surfaces of design and consumer culture, complemented by decontextualized slogans and texts. Using an appealing exterior, they spread questions and criticism, draw attention to behaviours, conventions and their normative dominance. 

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Wednesday, 31 August,
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Introduction: Raffael Dörig, director Kunsthaus Langenthal, and Claire Hoffmann, curator of the exhibition Celia & Nathalie Sidler
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Wednesday, 14 September, 7 pm
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Art Bar with Celia & Nathalie Sidler

Tour, talk and bar

Wednesday, 05 October, 7 pm
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Art Bar with Rut Himmelsbach

Tour, talk and bar

Wednesday, 02 November, 7 pm
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Literary tour in the exhibition and bar

Sunday, 30 October, 11 am

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