4 February – 3 April 2016

Adam Cruces, Sinae Yoo
What a Silencer Sounds Like

 Does a silencer really sound like it does in a thriller? Why do drivers in movies always move the steering wheel? Why were only tinned exotic fruit experienced as authentic by Koreans in the past? Productive misinterpretation of situations and things in pop culture and cultural exchange is the departing point for the artistic work of Sinae Yoo (*1985) and Adam Cruces (*1985). Both, the Korean and the American artist, now living in Switzerland, have produced large new work series with videos, installations and ceramics for the exhibition in Langenthal. Each in their way address the question how incongruent imagination and perception are and how virtual and physical realities can be connected.

Christian Ratti

Einmischungen und Tauschereien aller Art

The science of sewers (German: Dolologie), director of chimneys, wildlife-architecture, promenadology – these neologisms embody Christian Ratti's (*1974) long lasting examination with the Swiss cultural and natural environment. In constant exchange with amateurs and specialists he develops projects on the verge of ecology, activism, urbanism and industrial history. The exhibition in Langenthal gives an insight into his previous work. Additionally, Ratti starts new interventions both within and around the «Choufhüsi», the building in which the Kunsthaus is located. Ratti climbs to the Alpine swift nesting in the tower, mounts an installation into the river Langete, places an object in the local goldsmith's vitrine and with the travel agency located in the same building, he offers a trip to Carlsbad (CZ), where the «Langenthal porcelain» is produced today. Guided tours are an inherent part of Ratti's praxis. Various artists tours will take place within and around the Kunsthaus. 






The exhibitions are generously supported by:

Bossert Forst AG, Altbüron

Wednesday, 03 February,
7 pm


Introduction: Raffael Dörig, director Kunsthaus Langenthal

Performance by Adam Cruces, 8 pm

Wednesday 17 February, 7 pm; Bar open from 6.30 pm

Art Bar with Sinae Yoo and Adam Cruces

Tour and talk with the artists

Wednesday 02 March, 7 pm; Bar open from 6.30 pm

Art Bar with Christian Ratti

Tour and talk with the artist

Sunday, 06 March, 11 am

Guided Tour 

in German

Wednesdays, 24 February and
16 March, 12–12.30 am

Art at Lunch

Short guided tours for those with an appetite for art