Alan Bogana. The Hypothetical Cabinet of Phlogistronics
On YouTube. Art and Playlists from 10 Years

Alan Bogana
The Hypothetical Cabinet of Phlogistronics

How is the world perceived, represented, simulated in the digital age? How is scientific knowledge formed and communicated? These are some of the questions Alan Bogana (*1979, Ticino, lives in Geneva) explores in his work. In his first institutional solo show, he experiments with the outmoded yet futuristic medium of the hologram as well as a choreography of light and laser beams. Furthermore he investigates in the field of mineralogy via digitally manipulated 3D-scans.

On YouTube
Art and Playlists from 10 Years

Believe it or not, it’s already 10 years since YouTube started to become what’s now synonymous with video on the web. Artists started experimenting with the platform early on. They have e.g. reworked the plethora of material YouTube provides, have explored the creative and sometimes problematic interaction between amateurs, artists and commercial entities. They have also discussed economic questions raised by “used generated content” business models or new forms of stardom. The exhibition shows artworks as well as playlists of found videos made for the occasion by artists.

With Jeremy Bailey, Jennifer Chan, Fabian Chiquet, Petra Cortright, Constant Dullaart, Lauren Huret, Iocose, Oliver Laric, Guthrie Lonergan, Eva und Franco Mattes, Niko Princen, Marisa Olson, TRAUMAWIEN und Bernhard Bauch, Harm van den Dorpel, Sinae Yoo


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