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Children's Books and Music in the 70s


Around the year 1968, a shift occurs in the presentation of the protagonists of children’s books and songs: child characters become agents of societal change. This shift does not only impact subject matter, but also goes hand in hand with formal experimentation. Stories and songs alike celebrate anti-authoritarian sentiments, the desire to transgress borders, and the potential of lived feminism, embrace technological pessimism, indulge in a dark and mystical fantasy-imagination, and exult in the intoxicating fascination with surrealism. The exhibition presents pieces from the book collection of Carmen Tobler, Cédric Eisenring, and Luca Beeler and a selection from Raffael Dörig’s music collection alongside videos about the topic of childhood by various artists in a scenographic presentation specifically designed for the exhibition.

The exhibition includes 500 children’s books and vinyl records, a contribution by the The Swiss Institute for Children's and Youth Media (SIKJM), the shop of the Librairie La Dispersion where progressive picture books, both current and historical, can be bought, as well as mixes by guest DJs Radio Minus and Sebastian Reier, videos of book readings, and video works by contemporary artists such as Thomas Julier, Tobias Madison, Jeff Preiss, Carissa Rodriguez, Hinrich Sachs and Simon Starling, Leslie Thornton and others.

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Wednesday to Friday 14.00 – 17.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday 10.00 am – 17.00 pm


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