Cantonale Berne Jura

At Kunsthaus Langenthal, the broad spectrum of artistic creation in the Cantonale region is visible in around two dozen positions. The paintings, drawings, objects, installations and video works deal with megapixels and metaphors, with crime thrillers and backdrops; they interweave textiles and typography, research and emotion and create local references to the building as the former town hall and to the Langenthal Porcelain Manufactory.

Ahmad al Rayyan, Sylvie Aubry, Stéphanie Baechler, Julia Bodamer, Peter Clemens Brand, Tashi Brauen, Daniel Desborough, Anna-Lisa Ellend, Beat Feller, Magdalena Gerber, Lucyenne Hälg, Christoph Hauri, Christine Hurst, Tamara Janes, Brigitte Jost, Fabio Luks, Reneé Magaña, Jon Merz, Vinzenz Meyner, Simone Gilles Nyffeler, Selina Reber, Mia Sanchez, Remo Stoller, Gian-Andri Töndury, Romy Troxler, Jan Van Oordt, Eva Zornio


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