HKB diploma Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts

with: Soraya Amini, Louna Berkane, Adriana Bravo, Rozenn Droz, Benjamin Gaschen, Zeno Germinale, Lukas Hirschhofer, Quentin Keller, Lea Luzifer, Kira Mäder, Matteo Petruzzi, Sina Schöpf, Anouk Ursin, Lisa Zuber

Welcome! Hotel Krone is a metaphorical space accommodating the collective efforts and phantasies of this years fine arts graduates and has been developed in long conversations and extended experiments. The unique occurrence not only comprehends the thesis of each one of the fourteen graduates and what it is about, but unexpectedly shows how their artwork can be thought about or looked at from new perspectives. Some of the work easily adapts to digital space. Some of it stubbornly resists a transformation, keeping its analog appearance even online. Being open to future developments, variants of the common have become the center of the manifold appearances in Hotel Krone.

Opening hours during exhibitions

Wednesday to Friday 14.00 – 17.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday 10.00 am – 17.00 pm


Kunsthaus Langenthal
Marktgasse 13
CH-4900 Langenthal

+41 62 922 60 55