HKB diploma exhibition Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts

Florian Aeschlimann, Vaselin Aktekin, Amélie Bodenmann, Lisa Maria Boos, Jennifer Elser, Lucie Noemi Gmünder, Irene Habegger, Vlora Imeri, Simone Valérie Meier, Adriane Morard, Corinna Münster, Mike Nguyen, Janosch Perler, Liêm Tong, Clara Agnes Tordini

The diploma exhibition presents the work of 15 artists who completed their Bachelor in Fine Arts at HKB. Leaving the school-context and going public in a exhibition space is a decisive step at the end of their studies.

The spectrum of the works is broad and reflect the artist's interest and concerns they developed and focussed on in the course of the last three years. While the the works are very diverse, they circle around the discussions which arose during the study programme concerning questions of identity and of one's role within society. With this exhibition, these discussions are opened to a critical public.

Opening hours during exhibitions

Wednesday to Friday 2 pm – 5 pm
Saturday and Sunday 10 am – 5 pm
Closed Monday and Tuesday


Kunsthaus Langenthal
Marktgasse 13
CH-4900 Langenthal

+41 62 922 60 55