Max Hari. Ich schaue mir beim Sehen zu
Soft Shell. Natacha Donzé, Ray Hegelbach, Ivan Mitrovic, Anna Shirin Schneider, Nora Steiner

Due to the instructions of the Canton of Berne to fight the pandemic, the two exhibitions are currently closed.

This will be the first comprehensive exhibition of the artistic output of Max Hari. His large-format paintings as well as his drawings and watercolours persistently explore the tension between figurative and abstract representation. At what point does representation begin? What allows us to recognize something as a representational in the first place? How does the medium of paint mediate this process? These are a few of the questions Hari raises and addresses in his works alongside an exploration of the nature and limitations of the creative interaction with one’s artistic predecessors and idols. The focal point of the exhibition is a new series of works, to be rounded out by a retrospective of Hari’s works spanning the last four decades. A book publication collects a selection from his vast oeuvre since 1985.

The group exhibition includes works by five artists who have chosen painting as their preferred medium of expression. The works by Natacha Donzé, Ray Hegelbach, Ivan Mitrovic, Anna Schirin Schneider and Nora Steiner are characterized by the engagement with everyday impressions and symbols, specifically the social power differentials and the digital and pop-cultural imagery they inherently express and reproduce. They experiment with and freshly interpret traditional conventions of visual representation, gestural habits, and viewing regimes within the context of painting. The title of the exhibition, “Soft Shell”, makes reference to the contradictory materiality of painting as well as the clash of assertiveness and vulnerability and playfulness and seriousness in the artists’ respective practices.

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