MSHR (Brenna Murphy, Birch Cooper), Resonant Hyper Symbol Modulator, 2014, Foto: Martina Flury Witschi
Constant Dullaart, Jennifer_in_Paradise liquid creative Suite 6 for Kunsthaus Langenthal, 2014, Foto: Martina Flury Witschi
STATION ROSE, Gunafa Clubbing re-enacted, 1992/2014, Foto: Martina Flury Witschi
Aleksandra Domanović From yu to me, 2013, HD-Video, 35'
Adam Cruces, Greenscape, 2014, Foto: Martina Flury Witschi
Rudolf Steiner, RAVER, 1996, Schwarzweissfotografie
Nicolas Sassoon, Pyramids, 2011, GIF-Animation
Daniel Keller, Lazy Ocean Drift Promo (deutsche Version), 2013/2014, Foto: Martina Flury Witschi
Lauris Paulus, post-out.after, 2014, Foto: Martina Flury Witschi
Jan Vorisek, ohne Titel, 2014 Ton, diverse Materialien
Kari Altmann, Resting Point (Native Arrangement, Vital Signs, Deep Debt, Tribal Council), seit 2013, Foto: Martina Flury Witschi
Olia Lialina / Dragan Espenschied, Skywriting, 2014
etoy.COPRORATION, Toywar, 1999, Foto: Martina Flury Witschi


It is twenty years since the great days of the Gugelmann megaraves in Roggwil, near Langenthal. It was also in 1994 that Netscape Navigator 1.0 came on the market and what was then the new World Wide Web began to become popular. Taking this look back as its starting point, "Megarave-Metarave" deals with artistic responses to the aesthetic, social, eco­nomic and political questions thrown up by digital life and considers the historical traces of the futuristic promises of rave culture and the early web.

The exhibition is part of the cooperation project Megarave-Metarave by Kunsthaus Langenthal and WallRiss Fribourg.

Artists at Kunsthaus Langenthal:
Kari Altmann, Alan Bogana, Adam Cruces, Aleksandra Domanović, Constant Dullaart, etoy.CORPORATION, Nicolas Fernandez, Daniel Keller, Olia Lialina / Dragan Espenschied, Vince Mckelvie, Lorna Mills, MSHR, Lauris Paulus, Nicolas Sassoon, Station Rose, Rudolf Steiner, Jan Vorisek, Hannah Weinberger, Giselle Zatonyl
& X-Mix, Rave Flyers, THEswissTHING / Barbara Strebel

With contributions by the artists Kari Altmann, Olia Lialina / Dragan Espenschied, Metahaven und MSHR and texts by Nicolas Brulhart, Melanie Bühler, Yann Chateigné, Domenico Quaranta, Sadie Plant, an interview with Mirosch Gerber and installation views from the exhibitions. Graphic design: Huber / Sterzinger. Les presses du réel, 120 pages, E/d/f.

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