a curbing wall of debris \landfilling. Pedro Wirz
Unbehaust. Anja Braun, Leo Hofmann, Daniel V. Keller, Lynne Kouassi & Daniel Dressel, Rebecca Kunz a curbing wall of debris

a curbing wall of debris

The Brazilian-Swiss artist Pedro Wirz (*1981) presents his largest solo exhibition to date, a curbing wall of debris, in two chapters: \nesting at the Centre culturel suisse and \landfilling at Kunsthaus Langenthal. The artificial meets the seemingly natural. Using materials such as soil, beeswax and fabric, Wirz creates immersive spatial installations composed of eggs, animals and their dwellings. Doing so he encourages us to examine the relationship between human and non-human organisms and ecosystems, as referred to in the titles of the respective chapters of the exhibition.

Curated by Raffael Dörig, in collaboration with the Centre culturel suisse (CCS), Paris.


The metaphor of the perforated house symbolises the dissolving separation between exterior and interior, private and public, and analogue and digital life brought about by new forms of communication and mobility. This contemporary homelessness is touched upon in many ways in the works Anja Braun (*1985), Leo Hoffmann (*1986), Daniel V. Keller (*1987), Lynne Kouassi (*1991) & Daniel Dressel (*1985) and Rebecca Kunz (*1986); whether in the ephemerality of the media and materials used, the atmospheric presentation or in addressing topics such as hospitality, patterns of migration and the global consumption of resources.     

Curated by Eva-Maria Knüsel.

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