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Audio cas­settes, records, VHS and Super 8—once, they were all media stan­dards. In the dig­i­tal age, how­ever, they have been super­seded or dis­carded or stored away at the very back of the cellar. Yet artists, col­lec­tors, and tin­ker­ers remain faith­ful to obso­lete media, and create new things out of old machines. Flo Kauf­mann from Switzer­land is one such guy: he began col­lect­ing tech flot­sam and jetsam as a kid and is now much in demand, inter­na­tion­ally, as an artist and res­cuer of vinyl record­ing tech­nol­ogy. In this book, the objects in his col­lec­tion spell out the his­tory of vet­eran media, while artists work­ing today with “obso­lete media” give us a peek into their worlds. Finally, experts from the fields of art, music and restora­tion delve deeper into the topic and pro­vide tips on how to pre­serve audio­vi­sual treasures.

Amulets, Raf­fael Dörig, Kris­ten Gallerneaux, Doris Gassert, Hannes Grasseg­ger, Mar­tina Haid­vogl, Flo Kauf­mann, Eva-Maria Knüsel, Peter Kraut, Yves Nieder­häuser und The Mutha_Ship Landing.

Dardex, Ted Davis, Asi Föcker, Max Egger, Michael Egger, Jonathan Frigeri, Manuela Imper­a­tori, Flo Kauf­mann, Chris­t­ian Mar­clay, !Medi­en­gruppe Bitnik, Mobile­skino, Alexan­dra Navratil, Sarina Schei­deg­ger & Rodrigo Toro Madrid, Strot­ter Inst., Fornax Void among others

208 pages, 17 x 23,5 cm, 96 illus­tra­tions, soft­cover, in a slip­case, German/English
Release date may 10th 2021, Christoph Merian Verlag.

Raf­fael Dörig, Flo Kauf­mann (Ed.)
ISBN 978–3‑85616–949‑7

World­wide dis­tri­b­u­tion through Christoph Merian Verlag. For buyers from out­side Switzer­land we rec­om­mend order­ing via local bookstores.

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