30 May – 07 July 2013

Valentina Stieger und Jessica Pooch, Lena Reiser, Nora Rekade
room in room in room

For her exhibition at the Kunsthaus Langenthal Valentina Stieger (*1980) invited Jessica Pooch (*1982), Lena Reiser (*1980) and Nora Rekade (*1977). The three artists belong to her environment and they have all worked together in different constellations. The four artists relate their work to each other and explore similarities, based on their interest for the design of everyday life, the artificiality of pop, prefabricated material and temporary architecture.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013, 7 pm


room in room in room


Introduction by Raffael Dörig, Director Kunsthaus Langenthal, and Raphael Rogenmoser, Migros-Kultur­prozent, followed by dringks and the magic bar of Nora Rekade.