Cathy Josefowitz. The Thinking Body
Inka ter Haar. LOVE

Cathy Josefowitz. The Thinking Body
A prolific artist from a very young age, Cathy Josefowitz (1956–2014) gained renown for an art practice revolving around inquiry into the nature of self and of the other, pursued via painting, drawing, performance, and choreography. Born in New York, this Swiss artist never ceased to explore incarnation, at times to the point of obsession, in relation to her own physicality as well as that of others.

Kunsthaus Langenthal, the Centre culturel suisse, Paris, and MACRO Roma, in collaboration with curator Elise Lammer, are delighted to present a touring retrospective exhibition of the work of Cathy Josefowitz. It will be shown successively at the three institutions in the period August 2021 to spring 2022.

Inka ter Haar. LOVE
Inka ter Haar (*1980) is showing a series of new works in her first large solo exhibition at Kunsthaus Langenthal. She is interested in the exploration of figurative painting, colour as a material and the thematisation of elementary human experiences such as identity, love, isolation, lust and violence.

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