Elia Aubry, Aufführung eines unverständlichen Gedankens, 2013, Ausstellungsansicht Kunsthaus Langenthal
Laurence Rohrbach, Ausstellungsansicht Kunsthaus Langenthal
Levent Pinarci, Fast / Rest, 2013, Ausstellungsansicht Kunsthaus Langenthal
Ernestyna Orlowska, Ausstellungsansicht Kunsthaus Langenthal
Nathalie Büllesbach, Ohne Titel (Ohr), 2013, Ausstellungsansicht Kunsthaus Langenthal

HKB diploma exhibition Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts

Elia Aubry, Elias Bannwart / Loris Aregger, Nathalie Büllesbach, Benoît Dubuis, Ernestyna Orlowska, Levent Pinarci, Anne-Sophie Rämy, Elias Raschle, Laurence Rohrbach, Tanja Schwarz, Philipp Spillmann

After three years of study at the University Berne eleven graduands of the Bachelor of Fine Arts class show their works in the Kunsthaus Langenthal. The diploma exhibiton is, like every, a group exhibition in a professional environment.

«Phantom Fundamental» – the title choosen by the students may seem a little magical and sounds a bit hermetic. In music it refers to the well-known phenomenon that a particular sound frequency that was omitted physically, is supplemented by the brain due to harmonic pattern and thus perceived as a real sound. This title deliberately plays on the impact possibilities of art : In a realm of pure illusion, processes can be triggered, which may well have real consequences. With drawing and painting, films and installations, with objects or sounds a rich and varied sequence of individual positions developes itself in the Kunsthaus rooms.

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