Mia Sanchez



In two new series of works Mia Sanchez engages with the socio-polit­i­cal dimen­sion of public space, social struc­tures, and spaces of memory: col­lected pieces of cloth­ing are assem­bled in a pho­to­graphic sample col­lec­tion that encour­ages vis­i­tors to think about the nature of cloth­ing as car­ri­ers of iden­tity and a means of social emplace­ment. The ide­al­ized recon­struc­tion of stan­dard­ized objects as models in public space allows Mia Sanchez to reflect on the func­tion and shap­ing of our sur­round­ings as well as the way we occupy them, com­mu­ni­cate with, and become play­ful in them. The stage-like pre­sen­ta­tion of the models, the dif­fer­ent ways the pho­to­graphic col­lages can be com­bined by the viewer, and the absence of human bodies create a space where poten­tial sto­ries and ways of acting become possible.

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Mia Sanchez, Settings, 2023, Photo: Gina Folly
07:00 pm
–09:00 pm