Rémy Bender

Per­spec­tive du Creux


In his work the Valaisian artist Rémy Bender (*1988, based in Sion) engages with the topog­ra­phy and the his­tory, includ­ing the myth­i­cal sub­li­ma­tion, of the Alps in media and other forms of rep­re­sen­ta­tion. His explo­rations begin at a pecu­liar geo­graphic phe­nom­e­non to be found in the vicin­ity of his vil­lage, called “creux” in French (lit­er­ally: hollow) and located at 2.000 metres above sea level. In this hollow there is no view but rocks, ibexes, vast caves, and old leg­ends of poor souls. Using machines he built him­self, Rémy Bender records this place and trans­ports it to the exhi­bi­tion space, for exam­ple through a wind-pow­ered camera, a stone pro­jec­tor, a solar bal­loon, and ibex horns that create sounds.

Rémy Bender, Perspective du Creux, Ausstellungsansicht Kunsthaus Langenthal, 2023, Foto: Cedric Mussano, Courtesy of the artist
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