Your Voice, Keep Breathing

Group Show


The group exhi­bi­tion brings together artists who use voices as an artis­tic medium. The audio works, which were specif­i­cally cre­ated for the exhi­bi­tion, engage with the power of the human voice to tran­scend medial, social, and soci­etal bound­aries, as well as to create inti­macy, desire, and con­nec­tion – in the form of col­lec­tive singing, per­sonal con­fes­sion, exper­i­men­tal voice expres­sion, and soft whis­per­ing, and by giving voice to mar­gin­al­ized people or non­hu­man actors.

With Ludwig Berger, Nils Amadeus Lange & Mario Espinoza, Till Langschied, Anina Müller, Tina Omayemi Reden, Sarina Schei­deg­ger & Jimena Cro­ceri, Jen­nifer Merlyn Scher­ler, Julie Semoroz, Taiga Trigo and Mar­tina-Sofie Wildberger

Jennifer Merlyn Scherler, Wasteland, Baby!, 2023, Courtesy of the artist
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