Your Voice, Keep Breathing


The audio cas­sette is released on the occa­sion of the group exhi­bi­tion “Your Voice, Keep Breath­ing” at Kun­sthaus Langenthal.
With con­tri­bu­tions by Ludwig Berger, Till Langschied, Nils Amadeus Lange & Mario Petrucci Espinoza, Anina Müller, tina omayemi reden & Tapiwa Svosve, Sarina Schei­deg­ger & Jimena Cro­ceri, Jen­nifer Merlyn Scher­ler, Julie Semoroz, Taiga Trigo and Mar­tina-Sofie Wildberger.

Pub­lished by Kun­sthaus Lan­gen­thal, 2023
Curated by Eva-Maria Knüsel
Graphic design: Vela Arbutina
Edit­ing: Hannah Dal Cero
Pro­duc­tion: neophon, Düsseldorf
58:20 min
Edi­tion: 100 Ex.
CHF 10.– + ship­ping costs